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AVAAR properties prides itself in offering a wide range of services mix to its clients. Superior value and excellence are the core values of our service experience. Our real estate consultants are available to serve you round the clock during any day of the week. From planning your viewing tours domestically and internationally, our team is equipped with state of the art technology to offer you virtual site tours for your convenience. Our response is prompt, our information is well researched and our advice is always honest. Our scope of services includes but is not limited to the following key functions: Real Estate Advisory | Real Estate Brokerage | Real Estate Marketing|

Investment Advisory

AVAAR properties specializes in real estate investment advisory services. We serve the entire spectrum of real estate. From residential villas, apartments, affordable housing, green living, luxury properties to commercial spaces, malls, hospitals, hotels, warehouses and retail, we serve all industries relevant to real estate. Our market research is our key to understand market dynamics, investment climate and market sentiments. We incorporate multiple factors to ensure that our recommendation perfectly fits the preferences of our clients. We conduct stringent due diligence procedures before promoting any development or project .


AVAAR properties have good experienced sales management. Apart from simply buying, selling and rentals, avaar also serves its clients with complete documentation services, legal advice, financing arrangements, managing handovers, property maintenance, real estate management, dispute management, and real estate advisory services. We aim to exceed your expectations. We have represented and dealt with some of the most successful real estate developers in UAE for residential properties. We have also successfully promoted affordable housing, green living, and hotel apartments across UAE. We have been advisors to both the developers and clients.


In the dictionary of AVAAR properties , luxury does not mean overpriced. We believe that premium properties have to offer even greater value compared to regular real estate projects. Since the very inception of Footprint Real Estate, we have dealt in premium properties including heritage sites, castles, palaces and one of a kind villas as well as penthouses. Our evaluation team calculates each and every aspect of high-end properties to offer a fair price to our clients.  We believe that luxury has to be tailor-made and this is the very principle of our services while we serve our growing portfolio of high net worth investors. 


Dubai is the commercial hub of Middle East. AVAAR properties We have served an array of retail brands, hotel chains, hospitals, clinics, entertainment complexes, manufacturing concerns, warehousing companies as well as trading companies to assist our clients in finding the best commercial address in the UAE. We understand that it is all about value in business. Our focus is to add value and analyze our offering from multiple angles depending upon your industry. This is the reason that our commercial real estate agents are differently trained and have an altogether different set of skills to serve your company better.

International Properties

AVAAR properties represents a diversified portfolio of international properties. We have promoted international projects after conducting stringent due diligence procedures. Moreover, our international project management teams continually visit projects under development to ensure that the projects are delivered in time and the quality of development is not compromised. We handpick international projects that offer security of investment along with exceptional profitability. This positions us as one of the very few real estate agencies who can truly create and manage a diversified real estate portfolio for the investors. 

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